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Share several inspection methods of bearing assembly quality

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Premature aging of rolling bearings will cause equipment downtime. Combining the practice of motor maintenance, we will introduce the experience of preventing premature aging of rolling bearings. The reasons for premature aging of rolling bearings are a tight fit, misalignment of installation, strong vibration, poor lubrication, material fatigue, pollution and corrosion.
There are two inspection methods for bearings assembly quality: visual inspection method: when the motor end cover bearing chamber is installed, when the end cover is rotated by hand, if the bearing rotates freely and flexibly, without vibration and up and down shaking, it will be deemed qualified.
Feeler test method
Assemble the motor end cover with bearing on the end of the machine seat, and use a 0.03mm thick feeler to check the radial clearance around the bearing. If the maximum clearance position is just above the center, it will be assembled correctly and reliably; otherwise, it will be considered as poor installation. The end cover should be adjusted properly and reassembled until qualified. If not installed correctly, not only bead marks on the bearing slide, but also uneven wear marks on the ball, but also produce deflection. Check the radial clearance on both sides of the bearing with a plunger will be different, and the difference is large. The reason may be that the iron hammer directly hit the bearing outer ring, the belt is too tight so that the driving wheel and the passive wheel centerline is not parallel. When the deflection is greater than 1/1000, the bearing running temperature will be too high, the slideway and ball balls will be seriously worn, and the bending of the rotating shaft and the bolt compression surface of the end cover will not be perpendicular to the bolt axis.
Correct installation method
Press the bearing in the correct position of the clean journal with a steel tube sleeve with a smooth end face and nearly equal thickness to the inner ring of the bearing. Pressure should be evenly applied, not too hard. Then check the allowable deflection value of the shaft end radial according to the different rotation speed of the motor.
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