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Angular contact bearing contact form

wallpapers News 2021-08-05
1. Separate angular contact ball bearings
This kind of bearing has no lock on the outer ring raceway, which can be separated from the inner ring, cage, and ball assembly, so it can be installed separately. These kinds of miniature bearings with inner diameters less than 10mm are mostly used in gyroscope rotors, micro motors and other devices that have high requirements for dynamic balance, noise, vibration, and stability.
2. Non-separable angular contact ball bearings
The ring channel of this type of bearing has a lock, so the two rings cannot be separated. There are three types according to the contact angle:
①Contact angle α=40°, suitable for bearing larger axial load;
②Contact angle α=25°, mostly used for precision spindle bearings;
③The contact angle α=15°, which is mostly used for large-sized precision bearings.
3. Angular contact ball bearings are arranged in pairs
Angular contact ball bearings arranged in pairs are used to bear radial load and axial load at the same time, and can also bear pure radial load and axial load in any direction. This kind of bearing is selected and combined into pairs by the manufacturer according to a certain preload requirement and provided to users for use. When the bearing is installed and tightened on the machine, the clearance in the bearing is completely eliminated, and the ring and ball are in a pre-tightened state, thus improving the rigidity of the combined bearing.
There are three different configurations of angular contact ball bearings arranged in pairs:
①Back-to-back configuration: This configuration has better rigidity, good performance of bearing overturning moment, and the bearing can bear two-way axial load;
②Face-to-face configuration: The rigidity of this configuration and the ability to withstand overturning moments are not as good as the DB configuration, and the bearing can withstand bidirectional axial load;
③Tandem configuration: This configuration can also connect three or more bearings in series at the same support, but it can only bear a single-direction axial load. Generally, in order to balance and limit the axial displacement of the shaft, a bearing that can withstand the axial load in the other direction needs to be installed at the other support.

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