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Introduction to NSK Corporation

wallpapers News 2021-11-25
NSK has been developing and supplying all kinds of bearings as a bearing pioneer in Japan since it first began to produce bearings in Japan in 1916. It has made great contributions to the development of industry and the progress of technology.
With the global expansion of NSK, more and more industries and enterprises have applied NSK bearings, engineering machinery, machine tools, automobiles, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, machinery, electric power, railway, and other industries. In addition, NSK has been expanding its business in various fields, such as auto parts, precision machinery products, and electronic application products, since a long time ago, using the precision machining technology developed in the production of bearings. Since the 1960s, it has actively explored overseas markets. So far, NSK Group has established 63 factories (22 in Japan, 12 in China), 14 technology centers, and 116 sales bases in more than 20 countries and regions (as of 2012). Through the global network, NSK strives to promote the mutual strengthening of development capacity, production capacity, sales capacity, and management capacity, and strive for greater progress.
In the field of bearings, NSK bearing first in Japan and is also at the forefront of the world. NSK set up a sales office in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the early 1960s, and started to establish and operate overseas branches in earnest. In 1970, it established a production base outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, and later opened new production bases in North America, The United Kingdom, and Asia. In 1990, NSK acquired UPI, which owned RHP, the largest bearing manufacturer in Europe. NSK's production bases and sales outlets across the entire European market are further consolidating its dominant position in the European market. Since 1990, NSK has accelerated its business expansion in China and Asia, especially given the rapidly growing Chinese market, and established a complete business system capable of independent research and development, sales, and technical services. NSK will further implement the principle of abiding by laws and regulations throughout the group, uphold corporate social responsibility, and constantly promote business activities.
Enterprise idea
The corporate philosophy system of NSK explains what kind of enterprise NSK wants to become; The corporate image NSK should have in the 21st century. And to establish this image, as an employee of NSK, how to think and act. This is not only the basis of all the information NSK will publish to society in the future but also the common psychological preparation and code of conduct for all NSK employees.
NSK's corporate philosophy system consists of four parts: corporate philosophy, business attitude, external publicity, and internal slogan. NSK is committed to contributing to a comfortable and safe society through MOTION & CONTROL. While protecting the earth's environment, we should strengthen the solidarity and cooperation between countries and people through global business development.

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