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Japan's Toyota And Hino Jointly Develop A Fuel Cell Vehicle With A Range Of 600 Kilometers

wallpapers News 2020-03-30
According to reports, Japan's Toyota Motor Corporation and Hino Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hino) have signed an agreement to jointly develop a massive fuel cell truck. They will promote the practical application of the car through verification test and other methods. Toyota and Hino are brave to take proactive actions as one of the company's most important tasks to address global environmental issues. Both companies have announced targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2025, and both are developing electric vehicle technology that can be widely used in real society.

To further reduce carbon dioxide emissions, significant improvements to the environmental performance of heavy trucks are needed. Because in Japan, heavy trucks account for 60% of total carbon dioxide emissions from commercial vehicles. To realize the electrification of commercial vehicles, the best power system must be adopted to ensure that commercial vehicles have good environmental performance and excellent practical performance in terms of cruising ranges, load capacity, and other respects(depending on the purpose). Generally, heavy trucks are mainly used for road transportation, so they need to have sufficient cruising range and load capacity, and the ability to refuel quickly. Fuel cell vehicles running on hydrogen are considered to be an efficient means of transportation due to their high energy density.
Wheel hub bearing is one of the critical parts of the automobile. Its primary function is to carry weight and provide precise guidance for the rotation of hub. This requires it to bear not only axials load but also radial load. The hub bearing unit is developed based on standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. It integrates two sets of bearings, has excellent assembly performance, can eliminate clearance adjustment, lightweight, compact structure, and load capacity. Large, sealed bearings can be pre-installed with grease, omitting the external hub seal and maintenance-free, etc., has been widely used in cars, there is also a trend of gradually expanding the application in trucks.

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