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Wearing a mask correctly is still an effective way to prevent the new coronavirus


As the COVID-19 epidemic continues, what behaviors need to be adhered to for a long time in order to avoid being infected? Maintaining social distance and wearing masks correctly are still effective ways to prevent the new coronavirus.

When do you need to wear a mask?

Masks should be worn in the following situations and groups of people: those who go to the hospital for treatment, inpatients, and accompanying visitors; those who are engaged in high-risk exposures such as medical and health care, public services, etc. on the job; patients with fever or respiratory infections, contact with other people, and when going out; In densely populated places, such as office areas, shopping places, restaurants, conference rooms, workshops, and when taking van elevators and public transportation; when going out, have close contact with others within 1 meter, etc.

At the same time, masks with appropriate protection levels should be selected according to different epidemic risk levels and environments. Due to the large breathing resistance of N95 masks, it is easy to cause discomfort such as suffocation. Therefore, under normal circumstances, when ordinary people enter public places, they can wear disposable medical masks or medical surgical masks. It is not recommended to pursue the protection level. Blindly choose N95 masks. Wearing masks scientifically can not only achieve a protective effect but also avoid the waste of resources.

How to wear a mask correctly

Hand hygiene should be done before wearing a mask and after taking it off.

Before wearing, distinguish the front and back of the mask from the top and bottom, keep the dark side facing out, and the metal strip nose clip on top.

When wearing a mask, first hang the ear hooks on both ears, and then open the folds up and down so that the mask covers the mouth, nose, and chin. Fingers run along the metal strips of the bridge of the nose and slowly press from the middle to both sides. The metal strips should be close to the bridge of the nose. To make the mask fit closely to the face, the key is to completely cover the mouth and nose.

If you must take off the mask, you should take off the mask by picking the ropes at both ends, folding it in half and storing it properly, and wearing it in time when needed.

How to reuse disposable masks reasonably

When you need to reuse the mask, you can only reuse the mask you have used. After each use, the mask can be placed in a clean, dry, and ventilated place, or placed in a clean and breathable paper bag alone to avoid contamination. It is necessary to properly control the number of times the mask is reused, and the cumulative use should not exceed 8 hours.

Masks that cannot be reused include masks worn when visiting medical institutions, close contact with people with fever and cough symptoms, close contact with new coronary pneumonia, home medical observers, suspected or confirmed cases; contaminated with blood, nasal discharge, or Dirty, odorous masks; damaged or deformed masks.

Contraindications to wearing masks

Do not mix or share masks with others.

If you feel chest tightness or shortness of breath wearing a mask, you should immediately go to an outdoor open place and remove the mask.

Masks should not be worn when exercising, especially during strenuous exercise.

Do not wear multiple masks at the same time.

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