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Commonly used synthetic methods for preparing aluminium nitride powder

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At present, more ways for making aluminium nitride powder are used: aluminium powder direct nitridation method, alumina carbon thermal reduction method, sol method, self-propagating method, plasma synthesis method, polymer decomposition method containing ALN bond, chemical vapour deposition Method, water-induced solid-phase reaction method, sol-gel method, etc.
1. Aluminium powder direct nitridation method

ALN + N2 → 2ALN Put aluminium powder into the reaction furnace where the reaction between nitrogen and ammonia gas is heated to 600 ℃ to start the result. This is a simple and straightforward method. It can synthesize a large amount of ALN powder with higher purity without any side reactions. It has been mass-produced at present.

However, this method is generally challenging to obtain aluminium nitride powder with fine particles and uniform particle size and usually requires post-treatment. Also, the formation of an ALN ​​layer after the surface of the AL particles is nitrided will hinder the diffusion of nitrogen to the centre of the particles. Hence, the conversion rate using this method is also an important issue.

2. Carbothermal reduction of alumina

Al203 + 3C + N2 → 2AlN + 3CO This method is currently widely used in industrial production, and its research is more in-depth.

In the preparation of aluminium nitride powder in this method, calcium oxide, calcium fluoride, yttrium oxide, etc. are often added as a catalyst, of which calcium fluoride is added to more effectively reduce the activation energy and increase the reaction rate. The prepared aluminium nitride powder has high purity and excellent forming and sintering performance. Still, the synthesis temperature is high, and the reaction time is long, and the powder particle size is large.

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,The above is the standard synthesis method of aluminium nitride powder we introduced to you. I hope it can bring you some help. If you want to know more about aluminium nitride, please contact Dr Leo, email: brad @ ihpa.net.

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