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Revolutionary thermal conductive plastic packaging: breakthrough application of spherical aluminum nitride fillers

Chemicals&MaterialsRevolutionary thermal conductive plastic packaging: breakthrough application of spherical aluminum nitride fillers

The encapsulation adhesive not only needs to have a suitable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and a low dielectric constant compatible with IC devices to reduce device propagation delay, but also needs to have high thermal conductivity to dissipate a large amount of heat brought by power consumption, high-speed IC, and high-density packaging. Fillers such as silica have been mixed with polymers to improve their performance. Aluminum nitride (AlN) is considered a substitute due to its higher theoretical thermal conductivity of~320W/mK1, compatibility with silicon chips for CTE, and low dielectric constant. The sharp shape of AlN fillers used in commercial applications is mainly due to the direct grinding of aluminum metal during their preparation process. This process produces coarse AlN powder, which is then nitrided and graded to obtain the final AlN filler. This preparation method helps to ensure that the filler has the desired shape and performance, enabling it to perform optimally in applications. When mixed with polymers, angle aluminum is not expected to have high fluidity, resulting in low packing density. Recently, we have successfully obtained single crystal spherical AlN fillers. In addition, polymer composites using spherical AlN as a filler exhibit excellent thermal conductivity (>8W/mK), which can effectively disperse the heat generated during the operation of electronic devices. The application of this material helps to improve the stability and lifespan of electronic devices, as it can effectively manage heat and prevent overheating.


(spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride)


Spherical AlN (aluminum nitride) is an excellent insulation material with high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high electrical insulation performance, strength, and processing performance. Its thermal conductivity is much higher than other non-metallic materials, making it suitable for electronic packaging, LED lighting, power electronics and other fields.

Characteristics of Spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride:

  1. High thermal conductivity: Aluminum nitride has a thermal conductivity of over 200W/m · K, which has high thermal conductivity and can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of electronic devices.
  2. Low thermal expansion coefficient: The thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum nitride is similar to that of silicon, which means it can effectively alleviate damage and warping caused by thermal expansion, thereby improving the reliability of electronic packaging.
  3. High electrical insulation performance: Aluminum nitride has the characteristics of high breakdown voltage and high resistivity, making it an ideal choice for high-voltage insulation materials.
  4. Strength and processing performance: Aluminum nitride has good mechanical strength and processing performance, which can meet the processing needs of various complex shapes.
(spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride)

Application of Spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride:

  1. Electronic packaging: The high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminum nitride make it an ideal choice for producing high-performance electronic packaging materials.
  2. LED lighting: Aluminum nitride can be used as a heat dissipation material for LED lighting fixtures, improving their heat dissipation performance and lifespan.
  3. Power Electronics: In the field of power electronics, aluminum nitride can be used as insulation and heat dissipation materials in semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, and other fields.
(spherical AlN Aluminum Nitride)


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